Cosmopolitan…no, not the drink.

Table with cloth – Simply Southwest Table:- 7 Pasangs to the South
Wicker Chair- R^R
Silver Cabinet- Melino style
Screen with shadows and Light Beams- Melino style
Natural Number Dresser- Boathouse
Screen Zun Paravent- and standing lamp- [LeeZu!] FURNITURE
Brown Chair and ottoman- Mudhoney
Kilim floor sofa- Melino style
African wall mask- UrbanizeD
Silver side table -[LeeZu!] FURNITURE
Console Table and Coffee table – La Galleria
Couch – KOSH

I was inspired by summer vacations and world travel, this little sky box by (Elate!) was the perfect blank to make my cosmopolitan set.
I love the screen by LeeZu and those wonderful masks made by the very talented Pitsch Parx.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Where is the tea and those cool heads/table decor from?

    1. samantha57 says:

      Hi, The tea set is from [ARIA] it’s the Aimi interactive green tea set (with steam)
      and the heads are from TA (Tartessos Arts) They are called Sawadee Buddhas.

      Thanks for looking.

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