A little grit never hurt anyone.

Western movie poster – *Funky*Junk* Rio Grande Print
Pipes on wall – [19MC] Gatcha
Stack of tires – Post
Gas pump – [19MC] Gatcha
PinUp girl – Wall Candy
Black leather Sofa – [19MC] Sofa (FREE)
Box – [19MC] carton case (FREE)
Dharma Black [19MC] Gatcha
Dharma Red [19MC] Gatcha
Blue Rug – {SS} Wet Boots Rug – Snoqualmie (na)
Snake Plant – The Loft
Chair – [19MC] Arm Chair (FREE)
Table [19MC] AUTO-DRUG Table (FREE)
Black Leather Chair – [19MC] LOW-BACK Chair (FREE)
Beach Chair – [19MC?] Gatcha

Flood Light – [19MC?]
Gate – [19MC?] Gatcha
Air Compressor – [19MC]

Daybed – dahaus-Grungy Daybed
Out Beyond Decorative Window – :: AB ::
Green Rug – {SS} Wet Boots Rug – Bachelor (na)
Pallet by bed – *Tatty Soup* Paranoid Pallet Table {Spotted}
Curtains – *Tatty Soup* Curtain (Browny)
Slippers – .:NsB:. ROBERT Slippers
Pipe light – PILOT – Haywood Pipe Shelf (TMD)
girlie mags – me

Vending Machine – Mesh Market
NEON -Badweiser- *SHOP SEU*
Oneshot-measure – [19MC?] Gatcha
Loudspeaker – [19MC] Gatcha
BAR Glass – [19MC] Gatcha
Cooler Box – Headhunter’s Island
Military Transreceiver – Developed by the Stuff Store
Vintage Bowling Pins – from Boho Lounge set – Second Spaces
Car Creeper – Post
Wood Shelf long – ASO
Blue Barrels- [19MC] (FREE)

Grabage Beer Lovers – ~Dirty Deeds~
Refrigerator – Developed by the Stuff Store
Stack of Bruce Campbell Soup cans! – ~Dirty Deeds~
Clock – *chronokit* – (FREE)

Tire table – [19MC] SIDE TABLE (FREE)
Ashtray – Life of Me – Granny’s Crapola Ashtray – Teal
TV Remote – [ARIA] Deborah deco remote control
Chair and Ottoman – *MD* Grunge Chair & Ottoman
Calendar – Developed by the Stuff Store
Movie Poster – [North West]
TV- -Virtual Decay-

Crate Shelf- Insight Designs
Warrior Helmet ~ Mesh Market
Grinning Helmet ~ Mesh Market
Divers helmet ~ Mesh Market
Old Milk Crate w/records – Blue ~Dirty Deeds~

Sorry about the big post.. but I hoped over to [19MC] to check out what’s new. I picked up the free Low Back Chair and AUTO-DRUG Table set (I so wanted that “Arm” Chair) and went a little crazy on the Gatcha. I also found some cool stuff at the Mesh Market, dug around in my inventory and came out with my Virtual Decay TV (complete with midget wrestling) the next thing I knew I was channeling my (pre-marriage) husband. I had a lot of fun doing this room and I hope you’ll find something you like.

if you have any questions about anything you see in this post feel free to ask. 🙂

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