kitchen accessory


The kitchen really is the heart of a home and it’s one of my favorite rooms to decorate. This is a few of my favorite kitchen accessory well made and low prim.

LISP – Vine Scales ~ 7 prim
LISP – Vine Blender – Pastels ~ 4 prim
Dutchie olive oil bottles~ 4 prim
[19MC?] BAR Glass~2 prim
{what next} Cafe Clock (black) ~ 6 prim
TA Saucepan~6 prim
TA Spaghetti Pot~4 prim
LISP – Bistro Chalkboard Coffee ~4 prim
TA (TARTESSOS ARTS) Condiments~8 prim
:::LITHIUM:::Espresso machine_v1.1~8 prim

I’ve been really busy preparing my part in the next issue of Inspiration Magazine and next month I’ll be away on holiday for most of the month so I won’t be posting much for awhile.
So until then have a happy and wonderful rest of the summer.

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  1. faithlessbabii says:

    Hello ! Lovely blog …I have a question about the Lithium coffee pot…searched for their store on the market place but its empty..looked inworld using the store still around? I SO love that pot !

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