The Arcade Gacha

It took me until Sunday night but I got in to the Arcade Gacha Event! This is just a few of the treasures I picked up and a couple of trades (thank you Arcade Group)

this so reminds me of staying home from school with a cold and spending the day with mom. Oreo’s, milk, cartoons and my coloring book.

Table- The Loft
Chair with bear-Cp
Bentwood Chair- [noctis]
The other charis- The Loft
Apples- The Loft
Books with apple- [ARIA]
Bear- ‘Monger: Bean-Coffee-Floor
Book stack, coloring book, pad, ruler pencil set and Crayon Box- R(S)W (the arcade event)
Plates on wall- Lisp
Drapes- The Loft
Trash Can- [ARIA]
Animal Spice Rack and Spice Jars-!O: (the arcade event)

A few more goodies from the arcade event.

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