In the Details

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“God Is in the Details”
The idiom “God (is) in the detail(s)” expresses the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly; i.e. details are important.[1]

I love setting up a new house, deciding where to put the kitchen, which sofa to use. But my real passion is in the details the little things that can really bring a room together and tell the world who you are and what your interest are and they make a house a home. With that in mind I’ve pulled out a few of my favorite “details” I hope you find something here that is new to you or remember some forgotten treasure in your inventory.

Starting on the top step left to right.

Prism Furniture Autumn Warmth Greek Vase
*Tatty Soup* Wine Box šŸ˜‰
The Loft – Hammered Metal Plate
Moth and Foxglove Bottle Lisp
LISP Mathilde Bowl of Pears
BoatHouse White Owl
Sway’s Paperbag with Roses (rez)
-[ Zacca ]- Cake Stand (Gold)
[*Art Dummy!] stacked cups and strawberries.
LISP Mathilde Table Roses
[ARIA] Christine mini Bastet
The Loft – Lil Fella
Li’l Frog – Glimmer Moon
BoatHouse Polish Pepper & Salt Shakers
BoatHouse Bottle Plant
LISP Mathilde Table Pot with Key
BoatHouse Polar Bear Small

On Floor
LISP – Basket of Log

[*Art Dummy!] bowl of eggs.
[*Art Dummy!] Flutter (Decorative Butterfly Book)
[*Art Dummy!] ruby red walking shoes.
LISP – Knitting Ball of Wool
BoatHouse Bush in a Bag
Dutchie gift: bread and cheese
[*ArtDummy!] hang your heart here. (decorative books)

On Wall
[North West] Clip Hanger Poster (Programma)
Sway’s Bottle Wall Vase – roses

:CP: Calla Desk
Prism Furniture Manchester StatuePrism Furniture Manchester Books
Maneki Neko by 4F Bekan Forcella
POST: Mosfell Vase with Flax & Hops

DIGS – Grange Shelving – RLM BackToSchoolHunt [MESH]
[ARIA] Melissa plant
POST: Gnesen Harvest Cider

POST / Parlor Room Table in Damask
MudHoney Bedside Book and Glasses
[ARIA] Colette deco water glass
MudHoney Laura Picture Frame 1
KOENJI-LAMP by Agathe Latte

CHABINNS Shadow Clock
Sway’s [Natia] Shelf
/artilleri/ Plant – Lucky leafy v1 *green pot*
LISP – Shepherd Cups with Cone and Candle
Animal Spice Jar Tops Panda and Giraffe by Anya Ohmai

:CP: Earnst TV
DIGS – Dwight Pictures – Scattered [MESH]

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