The Dellinger Desk.

(Click for larger photo.)

PILOT’s new offering for faMESHed! The Dellinger Desk.

Comes in Adult and PG, both versions contain 19 single animations 16 desk, 13 stool and 7 couples animations with a cocoa prop. The Adult version has additional animations

The paper has 6 texture changes including fashion design. The desk also comes in an empty version if you want to add your own thing.
LI of 4 for both the empty and the full set.

The SNAFU animation made me laugh.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. brez says:

    hi there, do you provide details of items on your posts? looking for the coathanger pictures

    1. samantha57 says:

      Hi, The frames are from floorplan they are the forest hanger portraits, I’ve use the add your own art ones for this photo.

  2. brez says:

    thank you

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