Retro Home.

Prism Furniture released a new set last week it’s a very classic traditional set that could work with almost any style. I thought it had a very retro vibe with the curved back sofa. I went with a stylized 1930’s look. Hope you like it.

Prism Furniture Flanagan Sofa
POST: Haarlem Deco Coffee Table (group)
POST: Haarlem Deco Occassional Table & Lilies
LISP – Art Deco Texture Change Chair – click cushion
POST: Haarlem Deco Occassional Table
[noctis]Tiffany lamp D1
The Loft – Potted Plant
[ARIA]Mea decorative cappuccino and biscuits
/artilleri/ foro rug *yellow/gray*
Prism Furniture Flanagan Lounger
.:NsB:. WILFRIED Standing Lamp
*Tatty Soup* Cooke Curtain Muted Pattern 2.
*~MMG’s~* Lace curtain-line_3prim
Bellarose Furniture- HER BON VOYAGE
Bellarose Furniture – HIS BON VOYAGE
Zinnias Inlaid Table
Clutter ™ – Whippet Statue
Prism Furniture Flanagan Radio
LISP – Red Petals and Candle
LISP – Red Rose
Clutter ™ – Laramie Snake Plant
Prism Furniture Flanagan Fire Screen
Living room-floor plant by Bazar

LISP – Silver Frames for top of piano (can add own pics)
:CP: Likable Things Plant
clock_shagreen silver V3.2 by Antiques Rhode Show
-*-Morrigans Closet-*- Mesh Classic Vase – Blue/White
You’re so vain – mirror by Second Spaces

Prism Furniture Flanagan Gentleman Chair
Prism Furniture Flanagan Stool
[LeeZu!] Vintage Kitchen Table Mesh
{what next} Retro Telephone (black)
floorplan. boho ivy planter / terracotta
LISP – Lolo Roses Print 1
{what next} Marais Message Pad & Pen
Ingenue :: Ariane Emerald
[ARIA] Mea magazine pile
Prism Furniture Flanagan Grandfather Clock
/artilleri/ curvix rug *green*

PILOT – Murrow Table
TMS Designs Art Deco Figurine Lamp-Mesh-
-*-Morrigans Closet-*- Mesh Classic Vase – Sand
Dutchie coatrack
{what next} Wellies (rainboots!) – decorative only
{what next} Marais Umbrella Stand (iron)
LISP – Lolo Roses Print 2

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