POST: Gnesen Farm Shed

POST: Gnesen Farm Shed (Falu red)

Fence B by Domineaux & :CP: Bae Dock used to make porch and walkway.

{ ililo } Farmhouse Table (b.)

{ ililo } morning chair

*Y’s HOUSE* Wooden Chair 01 (choco / 3Tex)

*Y’s HOUSE* Round Chair 01 [nan / Fluffy-brown]

{what next} Oslo Chair (patchwork)

MudHoney Harper Tartan Rug

{ ililo } morning stool

{what next} Bear Canyon Rolled Up Sleeping Bag

:CP: Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium

{what next} Pineknot Cabin Gone Fishing Light (with shadow)

TWS – Garden Bucket w/Tools

:CP: Molly’s Potter’s Wheel

CP & OJ – Painter’s Chair Grass Dip

:CP: Painter’s Armchair

.lame – Mia’s Bench – Colored

:CP: Sweetwater Bench Burnt

LISP – Little Red Table with Logs 1

{what next} Novelle Typewriter

[K-W] Lanthanum 001 (Bronze)

{what next} Novelle Book & Pen Decor

DIGS – Agustin Fire Pit [MESH]

POST: Old Spigot / Water Trough (sculpty)

Checkers The Loft

floorplan. pride & prejudice manuscript

floorplan. jack’s manuscript.

Rustica – Mesh Houseplant

:CP: & PILOT – Backyard Cinema Lights

~*Forest Floor*~ Half Barrel Planter (little water, stacked)

Branch lanterns- Zigana

.lame – Mia’s Pergola – White

LISP – Serenity Springs Hot Tub – click side panel for rod

::FG:: ivy E(2prims) (Black)

Rusty Farm PickUP NO. 2 by DaZero Woodget on Markplace

**InteriorAddiction** Summer Showers Outhouse

Trees 3D Trees Forest Floor

Groundcover 3D Trees fallen leaves, artilleri/ Autumn leaves groundcover



Snatched Promo Sofa

*Tatty Soup* Moreton Chair Dusty Plaid.

floorplan. boho ivy planter / pink

.lame – Hadley’s Table

*MMG-mesh: Rug [A-#1]_1 land impact

{what next} Charlotte Woodburning Stove

LISP – Basket of Log

~Dirty Deeds~ Stack of Bruce Campbell Soupcans!

POST: Plates and bowls

LISP – Enamel Deer Kettle – Blue

{ ililo } Winter Canvas NEW MENS DEPARTMENT

:CP: Sweetwater Console Table

POST: Falun Apples and Pears

POST: Wooden trough with flax

MudHoney Bean Candle

BALACLAVA!! Recycled Coffee Set (Painted Desert) NEW C88

[*Art Dummy!] the edge of winter. (art on wood)

PILOT – Larkin Set – Hanging Chair 2 NEW C88


{what next} Charlotte Floor Cushion (butternut3)

:CP: Sweetwater Mirror NEW C88

:CP: It’s a Keeper Frames Angled NEW MENS DEPARTMENT

:CP: Kaleidoscope Dreamcatcher NEW C88

Trompe Loeil – Round Endtable Plaid Fabrics

{ ililo } Empty Mirror NEW MENS DEPARTMENT

{ ililo } Utility Table (opt1) NEW MENS DEPARTMENT

[*Art Dummy!] light up my way. (vintage star light) NEW FLF

[*Art Dummy!] light up my way. (vintage up arrow light) NEW FLF

:CP: Sweetwater Rug NEW C88

:CP: Sweetwater Whitewashed Bed (PG) NEW C88

PILOT – Larkin Set – Cactus Planter NEW C88

floorplan. crate shelf / bare NEW MENS DEPARTMENT

{what next} Novelle Rug

LISP – Snuggle Blanket – PG Cuddles – sit for menu – RED

{what next) Valena’s Travel Trunk ( no animations )

[*Art Dummy!] all is calm. all is bright. (art on wood)

[*Art Dummy!] peace. (art on wood)

[*Art Dummy!] dashing. (art on wood)

Picnic rug – deer



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  1. thesharkfin says:

    This looks brilliant what you done here!

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