Thunder, Lightning and Splashes.


I used the windlight blizzard on these shots I wanted to make sure that you could see the rain and the lighting strike.

I love weather in SL adds to the realism for me…that and I like to play god. Anyway I’ve found another rain system that really is one of the best, in fact it’s called Dwelling Quay’s Best Rain rezzer system in their words…

BEST RAIN Rezzer is copyable and multiple rezzers will listen to commands from the owner all at once.
BEST RAIN REZZER contains multiple prims for giving rain a surround sound effect while in the rain.
When rain is set to OFF….rezzer only uses 1 prim.
BEST RAIN is NOT a weather system and does not use any particles – meaning it’s lag free and will not bog down your video card.

Why was this system created?
Some real estate companies do not allow weather systems on commercial land for causing lag. I felt this was understandable but also something that needed to be worked around. The reason weather systems are not permitted for some is for the amount of lag caused by particle rezzers and the video lag created by the particles themselves. This system ONLY uses animated textures, producing a more realistic rain without causing server or video card handicaps.
As specified in the LSL scripting wiki – animated textures do not cause any lag.


I love that you can really have control where the rain will fall (not in your house) and the puddles that splash when the rain drop hit.

You can check it out here.. Dwelling Quay.

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