A little Christmas before Thanksgiving.

The Shoe Shiner’s Cottage whitey salt and peppered.

~*Forest Floor*~ Rustic fence

Zacca -Pavement01-heavy snow.

‘Target Practice’ Stop Sign – Marketplace by Vikki Placebo

[HiH] Letters & Twigs Mailbox (group gift!) NA

Botanical Snowman with Pot Hat (transfer)

:: AB :: Let it Snow Sign

Trees by Botanical – 3D Trees & FelixvonKotwitz Alter
Grass by Zigana

LISP – Propped Up Sled

:CP: Sweetwater Bench Burnt

{what next} Bear Canyon Rolled Up Sleeping Bag

MI86744 Mesh Icicles Marketplace by MW Boa

Snow Dust Heavy (on clear background) Marketplace by Laura Liberty


Domestic Trash Bin (dirty) Snow added

Snatched Promo Sofa

dahaus-Retro texture change pillow

Lonsdale Ashtray Stand – Post.

{what next} Burbank Table

Atelier Kreslo Mug (Rez)

[*Art Dummy!] the edge of winter (sketchbook decor)

Kari – Matryoshka dolls

:CP: Sweetwater Console Table

Christmas Tree – Secondbiz Engineer

EoD Old School Tunes

BoatHouse Winter Paris Painting

Books – The Loft.

EoD Old School Tunes

Plates- Lisp

Trompe Loeil – Holiday 2012 giftbox – gold flakes 2 & gold

floorplan. boho ivy planter / pink

:CP: Kaleidoscope Dreamcatcher

[*Art Dummy!] light up my way. (vintage up arrow light) tinted.

old family photo wall cluster NA

*MMG-mesh: Rug [A-#1]_1 land impact

MudHoney Harper Tartan Rug

Reindeer Head by Nana Saena

DECO – MESH Christmas Fir Tree (mod trans) – OLD FLF.

BLD-Pearl’s CoatRack

*~MMG’s~* Lace curtain-rose_3prim and Curtains from La Galleria Mesh Kitchen

Zinnias Quilters Armoire

~La’Licious~ Trash To Treasures Christmas Tree

{ ililo } Utility Table (opt2)

{ ililo } morning chair

{ ililo } Winter Canvas

floorplan. wall hanger

{what next} Novelle Typewriter


POST / Smithfield Radiator

Picnic rug – deer

/artilleri/ Atomic table *round*

/artilleri/ Diner chair *blue*

* nonino * Firewood Oven 1

(fd) Vintage Hospital Sink

floorplan. mason jar chandelier / yellow & white NEW

LISP – Mesh Blinds Wide Short – Teak NEW

(iTuTu) tomato bowl

(iTuTu) green stew pan

{ ililo } morning stool

MESHWORX Factory Cabinet v8 Re-size Script (Copy only)

*~MMG’s~* Kitchen mat-1prim

*~MMG’s~* Saucepan&Lid(L) [lime]_2prim

Hanging Pans by iTuTu

*~MMG’s~* Skillet-frying pan(L) [red]_1prim

(iTuTu) Wooden Tray

Dutchie cookbooks

LISP – Bistro Bread Baskets

The Loft – Castara Fridge

{vespertine_ceramic plates.}

LAQ Decor ~ Bed Set (G)

~La’Licious~ Unfinished Holiday Tree {Small}

Antique_hooked_american_rug_ La Galleria

{ ililo } Utility Table (opt1)

*Tatty Soup* Sometimes Stool (lace)

Teawood – big wooden bowl.

Turnip’s Pinecones (large)

Teawood – asteraceae in a bottle.


{what next} Burbank Rocking Chair

{what next} Knitting Basket

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