Scarlet Apple FLF CWNH and Atelier Kreslo


(click on photo to see it larger)

[*Art Dummy!] here. (bed-white wood)

DIGS – Vesta Fireplace & Rug – Cream- NEW- 4 CWNH [MESH]

[noctis] bentwood chair MESH whitewood

Atelier Kreslo Pottery Class 1/’13: Natalee Oodles – Vintage- New- Atelier Kreslo’s Pottery Class

[*Art Dummy!] wooden antlers and faux fur. (mirror)

The Loft – Bailey Basket

POST: Prouve Dressing Screen- New- FLF

MudHoney-Laura Curtains

[*Art Dummy!] vain. (lamp ( modified with lace)

the small things

FrankLee’s Starfish 01 -white

{af} Christmas Tealight

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