The Challenge CLEO DESIGN

cd chair bench

When Luana Dawg ask me to be a blogger for The Challenge I jumped at the chance. The Challenge is a monthly event to give builders a chance to step away from what they usually do and think outside of the box…In the beginning of each month a certain theme is announced. Each builder has then one month to make an item inspired on the theme. It can be anything from furniture to decoration, homes, skyboxes or garden accessories. Themes can either come from different building periods or represent a certain style.
On the last day of each month the new item shall be available at each participating store.

March was California Bungalow this set is from CLEO DESIGN
The set comes with a veranda that I didn’t use.
porch cushions
2 armchairs and the bench
mail box
flowers and plant.
tea set and tray.

Every thing you need to make the perfect California hang out.

BENCH, ARMCHAIR 1, Tea Set and Tray and Flowers from CD Challenge

Mills Cabin croquet pieces

TA Excess FlipFlops

Zigana Drawer table . pink

HomeKraft – Coca Cola Thermometer

:CP: Sara Hanging Plant

:CP: Georgie Bird House

-Hanaya – Garden Wind Chime

Culprit Neva’s Rustic Cottage

POST: Normanna Hayshed

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