Sand & Sea Expo


It’s time to celebrate summer is almost here and where better to party than the beach. Get started with some awesome gifts!

Loondock Kit (gift)

ANA Beach Fort (gift)

HeadHunter’s Island Woven beach chair, Tall table, Woven Matt and Old Chest (gift)

CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Boat Bottle (gift)

What Next Beach Clock (gift)

What Next Boardwalk Bicycle Rezzer and prop Bike ( not free)


This adorable pergola is a gift from CHEZ MOI FURNITURES it has a ton of poses for singles or couples rezzes a tent and a swing sooo cute!

CHEZ MOI FURNITURES free life rare

My cute sharkfin headband is from ANA


A few more gifts

Beach Chair Sand&Sea Expo 2013 from ***MnM Designs***

*BOOM* Pili Canvas Bow Clutch (hibiscus lipstick)

[TUFF] Little Rotating Sailboat – blue&white

[TUFF] Canoe v1.3 – small

To make this and the other gifts all yours is a simple as finding the pink seashell and clicking if your lucky you get a gift or come back later and try again as many times as you like.

smboat Collage

I fell in love with this sweet tiny sailboat from MOTOR LOON MARINE

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