Vanity @ The Arcade


Every now and again we girls need a little vanity in our lives. I’ll bet a lot of you are like me sharing a bathroom with your mister fighting for a spot near the mirror in the am to apply your makeup, how sweet would a vanity like this one be to have..sigh

-tb- Vanity – Vanity Desk NEW ARCADE

-tb- Vanity – Makeup Bag RARE NEW ARCADE

-tb- Vanity – Brushes NEW ARCADE

-tb- Vanity – Nail Polishes NEW ARCADE

-tb- Vanity – Mirror NEW ARCADE

-tb- Vanity – Platter of Treasures NEW ARCADE

-tb- Vanity – Toiletries NEW ARCADE

A-tb- Vanity – Compact RARE NEW ARCADE

{af} Lustful Lilacs NEW ARCADE

-tb- Vanity – Dress Form NEW ARCADE

{vespertine- fabric bird-chickadee/white} NEW ARCADE

{vespertine- fabric bird-duckbird/orange} NEW ARCADE

The Loft – Parson Chair Blue Voile

Antiques Rhode Show-wallight_long mirror gilt silver

:CP: & PILOT Garden Party BirdCage 4

{af} Tied Books

R(S)W Draped Stool – Blue and White Quilt

Dutchie lavender 5


:[MudHoney]: Designs – Shoes on the floor

[*Art Dummy!] millennium (mask)

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