It’s no doubt that Dutchie gives the best gifts and I think this has got to be one of my favorites.
The Wringer Washer is materials ready, I tried to get a shot showing how it looks but since my computer has just recently decided to render textures again it was just asking to much. This is what Froukje has to say about it tho.

“The only viewer you will be able to see the materials in right now is the official second life viewer:

Hit Control Alt P for Preferences, go to the tab Graphics and set Quality and speed to high or ultra, or check Advanced Lighting Model.

The materials are most visible on the buckets, the wood of the table and the wringer. You can see the effect best in light settings as sunrise and sunset or under a lamp, and when your camera moves around the object, you can see the light dance on the surface. ”

Build- Culprit Dragonfly Cottage (Mesh)

Dutchie wringer bench- Summer gift

Dutchie ironing board ( with some of the cutest animations)

Morning Coffee Bench – dark wood w/natural (trading co)

POST: Marquette Monitor Top Refrigerator

POST: Marquette Sink (R)

POST: Fairlawn Sideboard (linked)

POST: Marquette Gas Stove

POST: Leeds Scullery Table (aged)

Zinnias Hola! Spring Cleaning Shelf

+ILO+ Milk Can

[FOG]Basket Brown

LISP – Bubble Soap Bottles – Green & Blue

Dutchie Sansevieria

Whiskey Monday-You Belong in a Boat Out at Sea AK Anniversary

[Noble] Sophie’s Hydrangea

The Loft- Castara Shelf 2

floorplan. baking canisters / white

Agora – Colander -Marketplace

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