New Store Seven Emporium and Second Spaces New Items Mens Dept


I want to introduce you to a new store, Seven Emporium, the owner describes it as vintage home and garden. There’s not much there as of yet..but what is there is great quality and a lot of have to check out the HypnoLamp in person. Also Second Spaces as vintage tool boxes in 3 colors out at the Mens Dept this month.

The Domineaux Effect-The Old Orchard Garage / Workshop

7 – Lab Table – Industrial Green

-Virtual Decay- Animated Television

:CP:- Playing Games Console

7 – Lawn Chair – Dark Rust

[19MC]- Air Compressor 2.03

[AF]- DOOR Office Desk

7 – HypnoLamp

DIGS – Desktop Computer [MESH]

{af}- Omega Beer

HeadHunters-Tropica beer – LIGHT cooler box

7 – Floor Bulb

7 – Lab Stool – Industrial Yellow

POST:- Car Creeper (non-animated)

Pilot & Exposeur – Floor Handweights

Dutchie- barn shelves

:FANATIK HOME:- Provence Ladder

7 – Lab Chair – Industrial Blue- New Mens Dept

7 – Applause Box

[AV]-[rug football fur

7 – Eye Chart Poster

R(S)W -Wastebasket – Plastic

[19MC] D-Hello 1.10


Second Spaces-vintage tool cabinet – green- New Mens Dept

PILOT – Garden Tools

Stuff Store-SuperFreeze Refrigerator – Dirty

+ILO+- Garden Basin (stained)

Pilot & Exposeur – Weight Bench

PILOT – Potted Plant Shelves

floorplan.- shark chalkboard-New Mens Dept

AF -Industry Letter ‘M’-New Mens Dept

HeadHunter’s Island -Shark Jaws – wall decor – M

[19MC] 2nd ORANGE 1.01

[19MC] OilCan RED 1.05


Second Spaces-vintage tool cabinet – white Looks great in the bedroom too.

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