Deer me.

(click on photo for larger size)

I love deer, a look in my inventory is undeniable truth to that. When I found these adorable deer chairs I had to make them mine.

Armchairs- Myrrine-Deer Armchairs – blue and green

floorplan.- oh deer wall decor (modified)

Second Spaces-strax table – white

trinket boxes – trinket boxes sage green

floorplan. color block curtains / slate

Drowsy 2011 /the letter in the bottles

Schadenfreude- Alabaster Mermaid Lamp

*Y’s HOUSE* [Plants] Ryuboku/Ivy

MudHoney Green Wedges

Culprit Furniture Meadow Rug (large rug)

Rug- Small (mine)


Myrrine-Antoinette green desk 1.

TA- Old Typewriter

Drowsy-letter in a bottle

[ keke ] summer bottles

[North West] Double frames on a string (white)


Here is a link to myrrine’s marketplace store.

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