It came from MARS!!!

(click on photo for larger size)

This round of The Garden should be lots of fun with the theme being Area 51. I’m a nerd and love all things sci fi. so I’m really looking forward to seeing all the great ideas the designers have come up with. The Garden opens on the 15th. Here’s your ride.

This retro desk, bookcase and accessory’s are Second Spaces offering this round.

area 51 bulletin board
area 51 bookshelf
area 51 desk
area 51 desk chair
area 51 comics
area 51 rockets
area 51 books
area 51 ray gun *pewpew!*
area 51 ufos

Bed-PFE Sculpted Snuggle Bed 2.0 (modified)

Bedside tabel-PILOT- McCoy Bedside Table

Robot-Zigana Robot polaroid . Galaxy

Star frame-Culprit Starry Frame Robot

Stuffed Bear-Fate- “Friendship Bear”

Books-Second Spaces-Writer’s Block books for research

Poster-movie poster attack of the crab monsters – Marketplace by TC Slade

Football rug-][AV][rug football fur

Lamp-HomeKraft – Retro lamp 1

Retro Record Player- {what next} Fleeftone

Game- *Second Spaces* marble checkers

Basketball-[*Art Dummy!] game. (basketball)

Hamster cage-{FB}My pet hammy

{sa} Blockies

Wall decor-Retro Radar – Mambo Cat

T.V-TA Seventies TV


{what next} Row of Books A (Everyday) – no shadow

Curtains-robot_curtains-Jordan giant

Records-~Dirty Deeds~ Old Milk Crate w/records – Lime

Shag rug-BoatHouseConfetti Shag Rug

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