It’s a wonderful day in The Neighbourhood…

I know I’ve been blowing up my blog recently but today I really wanted to show you the great autumn inspired items out for The Neighbourhood this weekend. So put on your shopping shoes these items will only be 200L for 24 hours.

:CP:- Big Bang Beryllium New at the mens department

MudHoney- Mum Centerpiece (part of the Finn set) New The Neighbourhood


MudHoney- Creamy Caramel Pumpkin Candle

PILOT – Candy Sticks [Orange/Black] New Arcade

[AF]- AUTUMN Pumpkins

halloweencandle. caramel.- by Jordan Giant NA

LISP – Anna Fireplace Oak Bright Orange – sit for animations

Lark – Haran Console New The Neighbourhood

Trompe Loeil – Oval Cutout Lamp New Arcade

The Loft – Hammered Metal Plate

Alchemy Immortalis- Pinecones & Teatowel in Stacked Rustic Farmhouse Bowl

AF Arts & Crafts Books

Zinnias reindeer running print

{what next} Brown Wellies Decor

PILOT – Connolly Coat Rack


MudHoney -Finn Pillows (part of the Finn set) New The Neighbourhood

MudHoney-Honey Apple Bed Tray

AF- Open Book

MudHoney Madagascar Basket

The Loft – Pine Cone Bowl

Zooby- Homer the Chihuahua

Dreamscapes Decor-*Candle Chair* Leaf

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tink Genira (SL name) says:

    where can i get that fab buffet table

    1. Hi, The store is called Lark, next time I log in I’ll add the slurl here.

      thanks for looking.

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