It seems that lately there’s been an explosion of rustic builds cabins and cottages and such, which I love, who doesn’t want to live in a fairy tale cottage. But the mid-century items coming out this weekend is a bit like a breath of fresh air, with their clean simple lines and bright colors it’s a perfect way to beat back the winter blahs.

The Loft has just released a mid-century set The Alderan with color change pillows on the sofa and color change cushion on the chairs.
Colleen promised more to come on this look. Also The Challenge items this month also have the mid-century look. And for Lazy Sunday Immerse will release the retro looking Autumn Meadows Chairs which comes in severely colors.

The Loft – Alderan Sofa Greige V.2 NEW

The Loft – Alderan Credenza NEW

The Loft – Alderan Coffee Table NEW

The Loft – Alderan Rug Mustard NEW

Cleo Design-retro table Part of Retro Set.- New The Challenge

[Breno] Martini – New The Challenge

Life of Me – Granny’s Crapola Ashtray – Teal

TA Drinks Tray

[ARIA] Quadro fireplace


{what next} Retro Clock

%Bardot Lamp (orange/gold) NEW The Challenge

TWS – Retro Spring Floral Wall Sconces II

The Loft – Alderan Bench New

/artilleri/ Plant – Lucky leafy v1 *mix1 pot*

MID Collage

Immerse- Autumn Meadows ChairS – Blue Tones – NEW FOR LAZY SUNDAY.

The Loft – Alderan Hanging Light NEW

Cleo Design-Retro music box (plays several retro songs) NEW The Challenge

The Loft – Martini Table White

[LeeZu!] Greta Curtains Mesh /retro chic 3

dahaus-Retro texture change pillow 1

POST: Hillsboro Afterburner Floor Lamp

A.V. Rover Tv Sideboard

The Loft – Honeycomb Shelf

junk. cushion pile. vegetable soup. two.

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  1. Rwah says:

    Its good to see that there are more options then the rustic, fairy tale style we have indeed been seeing a lot lately. Personally I love the urban/industrial builds as well and then ‘dress’ it up with contemporary or vintage furniture. I love this post. The clear lines are soothing and the colors amazing.

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