Arcade fun


Junk is in the arcade this round.

Morrison bedroom set.

iron bed.

cushion pile.

spanner frame

bar table.

ceiling light.

packing crate screen. (not seen)

locker cabinet.

leather chair.

wall art light

wire lamp.

2 rares and 8 commons. 50L a go’


Second Spaces has cute clutter for your bathroom @ the Arcade this round.

There are 11 items available – 9 common, 2 rare – and it’s 75L per play.

tray of accessories

recycled towel rack

bottles of beauty

bucket of things (boy) (not seen)

bucket of things (girl)

clean up

crates of things


jars of essentials RARE

recycled medicine cab

to pass the time RARE

The Acarde starts March 1.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Vivian Klees says:

    What good is posting a link to a place not open to the public?

    1. I did say it starts March 1st.

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