floorplan @ The Arcade


floorplan. salon chair RARE [c/m/nt]

floorplan. vanity RARE [c/m/nt]

floorplan. vintage hair dryer / pink [c/m/nt]

floorplan. barber pole [c/m/nt]

floorplan. storage cart / silver

floorplan. storage cart / pink

floorplan. nail polish [c/m/nt]

floorplan. bobby pins [c/m/nt]

floorplan. hair products [c/m/nt]

floorplan. disinfectant [c/m/nt]

floorplan. scissors [c/m/nt]

floorplan. wireless blow dryer / mono [c/m/nt]

floorplan. curling wand & flat iron / pink [c/m/nt]

floorplan. crimper [c/m/nt]

-tb- Spring Living – Wired Heart (Black)

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