All grown up.


After years of giving us quality skins and fashion the team at Redgrave have turned their talent to decor and job well done.
I love this the sophisticated look of this set, makes me feel all grown up. lol but really this photo doesn’t do justice to this set, you just need to pop over and see for yourself.

*008 HAYDEN Sofa –REDGRAVE Interior

*004 MARV Cocktail Table – by REDGRAVE Interior

*002 MAX Dining Chair (green) – REDGRAVE Interior

*014 GOLDIE Table Lamp – by REDGRAVE Interior

*015 BLAGG Floor Lamp – by REDGRAVE Interior

*009 JONAS Rug – by REDGRAVE Interior

MudHoney Jerry Side Table – Gold

The Loft – Martini Table White

[ARIA] Ilaria Wine Bar

TA Drinks Tray

TA Concept Fireplace

The Loft – – Bacall Bench

The Loft – – Bacall Mirror Copper

[ARIA] Apple Simple fabric blinds (copy/mod)

{what next} Studio Apartment Skybox

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