Get your kicks on route 66


floorplan.- gas pricing sign NEW @ TLC

floorplan.- route 66 road sign NEW @ TLC

floorplan.- gas price numbers basket NEW @ TLC

junk.- gas pump shelves. red. NEW @ TLC

junk.- headlamp light. red. NEW @ TLC

tarte-. suitcase stack (fall) NEW @ TLC

Soy. -Old van backseat (Brown leather) NEW @ TLC

Soy.- Old van front seat (Brown leather) NEW @ TLC

Soy-. Tires with stand NEW @ TLC

Soy. -Tire table 1 NEW @ TLC

7 – Liquors – Next Left NEW @ TMD

7 – Jesus Is Coming NEW @ TMD

7 – Ice Machine

7 – Handtruck (Animated)

Plethora – Water Tower (rare) NEW @ TLC

POST: – Tire Stack

POST:- Ely Roadside Star (v1)

DBy- Vintage COCA-COLA Ice Cold (Red) DBy* marketplace

Taxi to TMD

Taxi to TLC

Taxi to Post

Taxi to 7

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the styling, Sam, lot of work gone into that 🙂

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