Henry’s secret


Creepy Village Times Oct 21 2010
“Henry was such a nice man! “He was so kind to everyone. “That’s what people had thought.
Henry R. Stevens, a fifty-three year old man who had lived in a small home on the corner of Bentley Road, was found dead October 18, 2010.
What was found after the fact was more shocking than his sudden death.
Found in Stevens’ basement was several severed heads, the bodies buried in the backyard.
Neighbors and family alike were chilled to the bone,
knowing that the ever so quiet Henry was actually a devilish murderer.
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[Con.] Governor’s Aquarium – Aquarium RARE + Tanks for TAG Gacha

junk. asylum chair kustom9

junk. old car door. green. kustom9

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – apothecary chest TAG Gacha

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – potion ingredients TAG Gacha

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – recreational reading TAG Gacha

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – barred door TAG Gacha

Second Spaces-checkout at 11 trolley empty C88

PILOT – Cement Beam Chandelier kustom9

oyasumi / kinky gear

oyasumi / kinky cross

oyasumi / metal caddy

junk. metal drawer chair. paint splatter.

Kalopsia – Light Chair (Metal) NEW FLF

floorplan. haunted birdcage / black [c/nt] Haunted Gacha

floorplan. tree ring / deer RARE [c/nt] kustom9

Soy. Kerosene heater w/ kettle [Ash green]

Soy. vintage boom box [Metal]

Soy. Motor oil can [metal]

tarte. spider web light NEW TLC

Boudoir Covered Dead Body 3

Build-by Lyle Pelazzi The Basement

Your ride.



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