Best seats in the house


Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Berger

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Wood Box

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Slices Trunks Table

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Table Globe

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Narguile

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Red Dice

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Vintage Frame Sax

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Vintage Frame Cello

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Small Vase Foliage

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Mat Berger

KAZZA – HomeStyle – Peace Lily

>> KAZZA << HomeStyle – Candlestick 3

AF Stepladder Table

AF Tea Time Teaset

AF Pillow (Horse Riding)

Apple Fall Dark Bamboo Desk

Apple Fall Charlotte's Pears

AF New Arrival Painting

Apple Fall Pug Ceramic Decor

Dutchie mesh antique books

La Galleria Bronze Torchiere

Kalopsia – Le Miroire de la Marquise

3 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s one of the best decorated rooms I’ve seen in ages, Samantha! Forgive me if I go and copy it lol

    1. Thank you, Please do 🙂

  2. tippah says:

    Love it….great inspiration.

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