His & Hers


Her snowed-in weekend

+CONVAIR+ Edelweiss Chalet

Con.&floorplan. lazy sofa / brown A UBER

*AF* Mission Armchair Set ~ Weathered ~ PG

*AF* Mission Table Lamp ~ Sm

*AF* Mission Armchair Pillows

*AF* Mission Pillows #1L

floorplan. telescoping photo holders New Chapter four

junk. fireside chair. throw. light.

*AF* Mission Side Table ~ Weathered[Brixley] Heart Wardrobe

oyasumi / industrial shoe rack

MudHoney Relaxed Shades – Wide

{Buckbeak} blanket crate.Type1

7 – RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard

floorplan. pile of books

Second Spaces – snow day books – messy stack

The Loft – Log Storage Rusted

MudHoney Open Book w/ Coffee



His snowed-in weekend

junk. edgington bench. pg.

junk. vintage book seller.

junk. metal step shelves. clutter.

:CP: Woodcutter Cosy Patterns (PG)

[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night Leather Pouffe Family

Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – 70s-tastic TV trays

[Con.] The Armchair Fan’s Collection – Jersey RARE

[Con.] The Armchair Fan’s Collection – Basketball

[Con.] The Armchair Fan’s Collection – Football

[Con.] The Armchair Fan’s Collection – Baseball

[Commoner] ‘Nova Collection / Wall Shelf

Sway’s [Neal] Jeans

Sway’s [Neal] Bedside lamp with shirt . earth

Sway’s [Amal] Magazine

.:revival:. beer crate 4

Leather Recliner Chair-(9 Prim) by Twirlin Merlin

[*Art Dummy!] game. (basketball)

{sa} Takeaway Pizza

Dutchie pizzabox

Dutchie 3 beer cans, 1 prim

*Second Spaces* geeky powerstrip with cords

.: Standby Inc. – Stack o’ Games

.: Standby Inc. – Super Life Console (2 Players w/AC)

[ARIA] Adelaide round shag rug

My husband and I were discussing ‘our’ perfect snowed-in weekend the other day and I realized just how different they are. There wasn’t one single basketball or video game in mine.

Your ride TMD
The Chapter four


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  1. Heheh, enjoyed seeing the differences there, Samantha 🙂

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