The Bedroom


:CP: Carly Triple Bunk Space Ranger – NEW FAMESHED

Stockholm&Lima: Comic Sofa (PG) – NEW FAMESHED

Stockholm&Lima: Comic Frame #1-WIP – NEW FAMESHED

dust bunny . camellia coffee table – NEW LTD EVENT

=EliBaily= Shoreditch Industrial Warehouse – NEW LTD EVENT

floorplan. locker bookcase / navy

Xstation Media

Robena the Robot

Traveler Curtain

PILOT – Basketball Goal [Decor]

NOMAD // Railway Set // RARE

NOMAD // 03 // Fire Lizard

[*Art Dummy!] game. (basketball)

The Loft – Cardboard Hopscotch Game

-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes

R(S)W Crayon Box – 48 Colors!

R(S)W Coloring Book – Open

R(S)W Crayon Group – 5

R(S)W Owl Pencil Cup

Dutchie pizzabox

R(S)W Paper Airplane – Practice Feathers

Second Spaces-City Pool storage lockers – group of 3

*Second Spaces* geeky game controllers

Stockholm-Sneakers decor (male)

LTD Event


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