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I’m Samantha Hellmann and I’m an addict … to decorating and Second Life that is, I’m also an insomniac. So put those two together and you get this blog.  I’ve been told to “Go sign up for a blog” (this sage advice was from Colleen Desmoulins) so I did.

You won’t find a lot of creative writing here just some photos and links so you can go and purchase these lovely things for your second life home. I hope you’ll find some inspiration some cool stuff and have fun!

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  1. Samantha, I’m not sure if my recent comment went through. I’m writing about second life and your spring cottage. could you please contact me? thanks very much. donald kelley

    1. Hello, I did a search in world for you but nothing came up.

  2. samantha, you can find me here… donaldpkelley.com. and donaldpkelley on SL.

    i haven’t decided yet what property to buy on SL or what approach to take to build my neighborhood. i do know that i will hire experienced people to do it and like your spring house very much. i think i need someone who is good assembling existing objects: landscapes, homes, furnishings.

    you can email me at donaldpkelley@gmail.com

    1. Hi Donald,
      I’ll be happy to help you out anyway I can. As far as property do you mean a home if so I guess it depends on how you plan to use the build, Do you need a family home or just a place to land when you log into SL

      If your planning on building a Full Region there are many landscapers in SL that could do a wonderful job. If you would like to send me friend request in SL pleas feel free to do so. Looking forward to chatting with you soon.


    1. Wow, these look good. I checked out the house in world it’s cute and looks well made. The parcel you found might really work for what you want to do. Good work! Now the hard part is to decide.

  3. Donald Kelley says:

    Yes, lots of decisions! Here’s what makes sense so far…

    — start with a single cottage and landscape. The Tahoe cottage seems fine, not sure about the landscape.

    — The Tahoe interior is fine as-is for now. Eventually, it will need to look more like the photos.

    — To save money with the building part (I’m on a budget;-), perhaps we could use a sandbox like Danish Visions or Educational Sandbox. Not sure if that’s too much trouble.

    — I will want to include popup information (like in a tour) and eventually some basic gameplay. I will look into scripts for those.

    — My goal is to have something I can demo by March or April.

    Does any of this make sense to you? Would you like to help?

    Please let me know, very glad to be talking with you about this.

    1. Hi, Sorry I’ve been really busy it’s that time of year I guess…I do have your email, but I’m having problems logging into mine. Not sure what’s going on there. I don’t know anything about the sandboxes you mention but I’ll do some research as soon as Thanksgiving is over. ( I have a lot of family coming in the next few days) I would be happy to help in at least the decorating of your homes.


  4. Donald Kelley says:


    did you get my email, above? please let me know. thanks very much. donald

  5. Donald Kelley says:

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your email. Just wanted to let you know, I got your email. Very glad you want to help. Let’s talk after Thanksgiving.

    It was fun watching the Sounders last night. Hopefully, they can handle the altitude in Denver:-0

  6. Donald Kelley says:


    quick note to let you know i’ve been busy learning how to modify and attach scripts. we’re going to need them to greet visitors, offer notecards, etc. i’ll be in touch in the next week or so.

    how about them sounders!! donald

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