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Wooden Cottage 01: Painted Wood – Marketplace

junk. vintage dresser. (wall shadow) NEW N21

junk. cage stool. NEW N21

junk. dome ceiling light. fern. NEW N21

junk. memory collector. RARE NEW N21

floorplan. tree ring / octobers NEW KUSTOM9

floorplan. tree ring / deer RARE NEW KUSTOM9


ISPACHI [EMERSON] Caged Pumpkins & Pinecones NEW TLC

ISPACHI [EMERSON] Pumpkins & Lantern Set (LIT) NEW TLC

dust bunny . pumpkin cats NEW

[ keke ] glittering tree mystery prize RARE NEW TAG ARCADE

Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – old bingo set RARE OLD ARCADE

oyasumi / dream plates

A.V. Mont Blanc Step Stool

AF Fiber Rug

{what next} Maison Drapes



floorplan. haunted piano RARE [c/nt] NEW TAG HAUNTED GACHA

Sway’s [Spooky] decor cushion . spider NEW

9.erratic / coc – antler candle stand NEW TAG HAUNTED GACHA

2.erratic / coc – the veiled virgin RARE NEW TAG HAUNTED GACHA

14.erratic / coc – skull planter NEW TAG HAUNTED GACHA

ISPACHI [EMERSON] Caged Pumpkins & Pine cones NEW TLC

ISPACHI [EMERSON] Pumpkins on Stack of Books NEW TLC

Kuro & [Con.] – [DIY HALLOWEEN] Paper Owl Tree NEW KUSTOM9 CHCHA



Kuro & [Con.] – [DIY HALLOWEEN] Trick or Treat bag NEW KUSTOM9 CHCHA

Con & floorplan. – Antique Mirror

{vespertine}- jack o pumpkin part of group gift

Havenhollow Houses Shelf

Paper Plate Spider

Mr Paper Frank

Ghost hands for piano animated- Marketplace by Phoebe Avro

[Con.] Oherlihy’s Bench NEW

Apple Fall Water Pump NEW KUSTOM9

Apple Fall Enchanted Swingset NEW

PILOT – Fall Garden [Night]

HPMD* Colored fallen leaves – Pile of leaves



TAG Gacha info here


Henry’s secret


Creepy Village Times Oct 21 2010
“Henry was such a nice man! “He was so kind to everyone. “That’s what people had thought.
Henry R. Stevens, a fifty-three year old man who had lived in a small home on the corner of Bentley Road, was found dead October 18, 2010.
What was found after the fact was more shocking than his sudden death.
Found in Stevens’ basement was several severed heads, the bodies buried in the backyard.
Neighbors and family alike were chilled to the bone,
knowing that the ever so quiet Henry was actually a devilish murderer.
Continued on page 6

[Con.] Governor’s Aquarium – Aquarium RARE + Tanks for TAG Gacha

junk. asylum chair kustom9

junk. old car door. green. kustom9

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – apothecary chest TAG Gacha

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – potion ingredients TAG Gacha

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – recreational reading TAG Gacha

Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – barred door TAG Gacha

Second Spaces-checkout at 11 trolley empty C88

PILOT – Cement Beam Chandelier kustom9

oyasumi / kinky gear

oyasumi / kinky cross

oyasumi / metal caddy

junk. metal drawer chair. paint splatter.

Kalopsia – Light Chair (Metal) NEW FLF

floorplan. haunted birdcage / black [c/nt] Haunted Gacha

floorplan. tree ring / deer RARE [c/nt] kustom9

Soy. Kerosene heater w/ kettle [Ash green]

Soy. vintage boom box [Metal]

Soy. Motor oil can [metal]

tarte. spider web light NEW TLC

Boudoir Covered Dead Body 3

Build-by Lyle Pelazzi The Basement

Your ride.



TAG Gacha info here

Autumn Poem


Build-dust bunny . maple cottage

[we're CLOSED] old shack

POST: Hurley Rural Garage

[we're CLOSED] old fence

Botanical – Lattice Fence

[we're CLOSED] windmill

HPMD* Dirt Road

Skye Enchanted woods

Fall Dead Tree (Common)

[we're CLOSED] grass field dry

(MB) Autumn / Halloween Grasses Ground Cover


LISP – Mesh – Spoopy Cat Sofa (touch shadow for props) 2 grey New Collabor88

Trompe Loeil – Ines Coffee Table Natural

AF Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe

floorplan. slat fireplace / color NEW TSS

Kalopsia – Le Miroire de la Marquise

Soy. Kerosene heater w/ kettle [Ash green] NEW TSS

[BR] Bag Planter / Daisies Texture Change

floorplan. sheet table NEW C88

Second Spaces – Moby storage table NEW TMD

oyasumi / record player + headphones NEW Chapter4

floorplan. lantern clock / pewter NEW C88

Con & floorplan. – Antique Mirror


Apple Fall Wheelback Chair (French)

AF Annan Relcimaed Shelving

AF Frame Shelf

AF Pillow (Tree)

AF Reading Pile

AF Sketchbook

AF L’Olivier

AF Pheasant Feathers

AF Wicker Deer Head

ISPACHI – The Arrival – The Wisest Owl

floorplan. leaning book stack NEW TSS

floorplan. washboard NEW TSS

Second Spaces – Moby books NEW TMD

[BR] Blk/Grey Round Rug & Slippers

oyasumi / wood chest

*ionic* Timmy (Mice) NEW TSS


Apple Fall Plantation Dining Table (Rustic)

Apple Fall Ladderback Chair (Vintage)

AF Throw Cloth

Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears

Apple Fall Wild Thistles

[PM]Pixel Mode – Lorraine Tea Cart – Old White NEW The Candy Fair

(NO) Sleepy Cat Pot – Painted Blue

8f8 – Mange Destin 10 – Vanilla crescent cookies NEW The Candy Fair

tarte. candy jars NEW The Candy Fair

StoraxTree Mesh Rustic Plate Collection Display A

{what next) Pumpkin Pie

{vespertine}- wooden hallway hanger

{vespertine}- paper toy

:::ChicChica yum::: Barankas

floorplan. farm fresh eggs

Ride to




The Candy Fair

Fameshed and Uber 2


junk. hunt skybox. New for FaMESHed

Sway’s [Neal] unmade Bed . New uber

Sway’s [Neal] Bedside table New uber

Sway’s [Neal] Box of condom New uber

Sway’s [Neal] Bra New uber

Sway’s [Neal] Jeans New uber

[ARIA] Torino free standing bathtub (ADULT) New Consensual.

[ARIA] Torino ladder towel rack New Consensual.

[ARIA] Torino portal mirror New Consensual.

[ARIA] Torino decorative bathroom stool New Consensual.

[ARIA] Torino bathroom sconce New Consensual.

Con & floorplan. – Marble Basin Sink – Pewter A

Con & floorplan. – Khotan Rug – A

:CP: Chloe’s Milk Can Willows New

PILOT – Adult Toy Box

%Percent – Jane’s Friends Room Divider (Black/Bronze) *MESH*




Bathing In Moonbeams


Scarlet Creative June Arcade Wooden Retreat RARE OLD ARCADE

.:revival:. bath tub scene – ADULT NEW CONSENSUAL

Soy. Triangle Terrarium [diamond] iron NEW THE GATHERING

Soy. Triangle Terrarium [crystal] iron NEW THE GATHERING

7 – Love Box Sign NEW

Apple Fall Cottage Chair (Bleached) NEW HOME & GARDEN EXPO

tarte. pulley light – espresso NEW

{anc} comet. / water / black 2LI ARCADE

oyasumi / wood planks

oyasumi / metal caddy

oyasumi / pot / stacked

*Candle Cluster* White Large

Dutchie bowl with soap

Dutchie barn shelves

Dutchie low candlestick 1

[ARIA] Vivien floor towel

New goodies.


Second Spaces – Elizabeth Guest Room linen cabinet-NEW

Second Spaces – Elizabeth Guest Room wall shelf w/stuff-NEW

AF Vintage Camera w/ Tripod

[ARIA] Sorrel Tulip bouquet in a vase-NEW

AF Dress Form w/ Dress

AF Seaside Candle


tarte. garden shed – natural-NEW

Soy+SKBIO. Chair [in town of Camaguey] mustard-NEW

7 – Check Your Lights-NEW

PILOT – Water Hose

PIILOT – Garden Supplies

PILOT – Rain Barrel

PILOT – Garden Tools

:CP: Chloe’s Pumpkins-NEW

:CP: Chloe’s Milk Can Willows-NEW

/artilleri/ Bucket of apples

Living under the trees


floorplan. card catalog NEW

floorplan. milk can lamp NEW

floorplan. leaning chalkboards NEW FLF

floorplan. postcard collection / french NEW

floorplan. crate stack / wood NEW FLF

floorplan. book basket NEW

floorplan. storage basket NEW

floorplan. film lot sign

PILOT – Pumpkins and Candles KUSTOM9

PILOT – Trellis Mirror [Wood] KUSTOM9

Apple Fall Wingback Chair 6 RFL

AF Pocket Watch KUSTOM9

oyasumi / triangle side table /w plate ARCADE

{vespertine} embroidery gallery ARCADE

{vespertine} woodland mobile ARCADE

{vespertine} leaf herbarium book. ARCADE

{vespertine- vase full of branches/autumn}

ISON – iron cast bowl ARCADE

[Con.] & :CP: Dragonfly Garden Pillow 2

Trompe Loeil – Octopus Table Marble Black ARCADE

POST / Metropol Cafe Table (MODIFIED)

Schadenfreude Sugar Skull Dress Form OLD ARCADE

[ARIA] Gretchen dry leaves shadow box pair ARCADE

[ARIA] Deborah curtains (mod/copy)

=EliBaily= Potted Nep Plant

+Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Trees (Wooden Small)

+Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Corn – Original – Scattered

Fish Bowl 2& Fish [LJ] Candy Jar – UNCOMMON – Ribbon Pink – Sticks

R(S)W Cookie Tin – Arkansas Crossroads Block NEW

POST / Smithfield Radiator

POST / Papine Tincture of Morphine

*MMG-mesh: Rug [A-#1]_

attic bedroom


tarte. dreamer’s bed – brass NEW

Apple Fall Cafe Table (Rose) New Home Expo

AF Teacup Teal New Kustom 9

AF Rose Bouquet New Kustom 9

Apple Fall Ladderback Chair (Vintage) New Home Expo

Apple Fall Cafe Table (Blank)

AF Teacup Rose New Kustom 9

AF Pocket Watch New Kustom 9

AF Blueberries New Kustom 9

AF Teacup Pearls RARE New Kustom 9

Apple Fall Toile Chair (Stain) New Home Expo

AF Dolly Lamp New Arcade

junk. step ladder shelf. plant. New Kustom 9

Spargel & Shine Peach Rose Bouquet in Gold Urn

HIDEKI – Donkey Cart New Chapter 4

+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist’s Bird – Steel-Red New TLC

+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist’s Birdcage New TLC

[PM]Pixel Mode – Manchester – Wall Pipe New TLC

HIDEKI – Dress Form

Art found on the net.


Home Expo



Chapter 4

Working late.


Apple Fall Dapper Chair w/ Deco (Worn Leather) New at C88

Apple Fall Tribal Print I New at C88

Apple Fall Strung Branch Pendant Light New at C88

Apple Fall Glass Bubble Lamp New at C88

AF Books w/ Deer Head Bookends

{af} Vanity Flair Magazines

AF Old Coat

Soy. wall decor [increment of hunch] bk New TMD

Soy. Three legged chair [brass] New TMD

=EliBaily= Chester Leather Sofa beige (PG) New at TMD

[BR] Round Provincial Dining Table and chairs New

FD: African Basket New

Zigana . cigars New

13_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cane Stand New the arcade

junk. ivan leather rug.

Trompe Loeil – Trunktable Moss Leather

.:Standby Inc. – Huckleberry Desk (linked)

[ba] wood and brass coffee table

Stormwood ~ Alchemy Bottle F

O.M.E.N – Whiskey & Cigar set

DAHaus- Briefcase to hold

DAHaus-Note pad and pencil

Dahaus-Aalto book

Autumn Patio


(click to see larger photo)

:CP: Louis’ Willow Chair A & B NEW FAMSHED

:CP: Louis’ Side Table NEW FAMSHED

:CP: Louis’ Hot Apple Cider Goodies NEW FAMSHED

:CP: Louis’ Star Lantern NEW FAMSHED

:CP: Louis’ Lantern NEW FAMSHED

:CP: Dipper Bar Crates NEW TMD

:CP: Dipper Bar NEW TMD

:CP: Dipper Bar Apple Bobbing NEW TMD

:CP: Dipper Bar Food NEW TMD

Kalopsia – Fall Wreath

{vespertine} picnic bench./wood NEW ARCADE

[Con.] Retro Radio – Sky (scripted) NEW

PILOT – Crate Pumpkin Display NEW

PILOT – Barrel Pumpkin Display NEW

MudHoney Mums in Bucket – yellow, red, mixed and orange.

Lark – Bike (F) RARE ( old arcade)

Culprit Village Cottage Cotswold





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