…in their natural habitat…


Here we see the Rubber Anatidae in their natural habitat, These birds are adapted through evolution for swimming, and floating on in the water. A few species have been domesticated for summer fun.

Here we see

Sway’s Swim Ring [Quack] lifesaver RARE

Sway’s Swim Ring [Quack] bubble RARE

Sway’s Swim Ring [Quack] traditional RARE

Sway’s Swim Ring [Quack] love RARE

Sway’s Swim Ring [Quack] rainbow RARE

Swim Ring [Quack]
wearable – comes with a holding pose, just attach / wear it
rezable – comes with a relaxing animation and rotation, rez it and sit – touch for rotation to start / stop.

25L$ per play
30 Swim Rings to collect
15 colors
(rainbow*, lifesaver*, bubble*, love*, traditional*, white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, aqua, green and black – *rare)

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